44 are quite aloof aliens hailing from the drifting realm of 6912. 44 are saucer-shaped, with four arms and four legs placed in a radial fashion, each with 4 single-articulated fingers at the end. A stalked globe atop the body serves as the eye, capable of 360-degree vision and detection of heat variances. On the underside is a short trunk that's used both for eating and excreting. 44 skin is a pearly calcite secretion. The 44's diet consists of thick plankton and associated creatures: They're oxygen-breathers, but require twice as much oxygen as a human.

44 are math freaks: Their Godelian language and their hexadecimal numeric system are one and the same, and 44 children learn to multiply before they learn how to walk. Each 44 is a math encyclopedia with a free scientific calculator included, which doesn't make them very popular at parties. Their conversations, discussions and relationships are incomensurably complex and completely boring to everyone else in the Centroid. 44 have six different sexes and the reproduction procedure requires extensive knowledge of advanced calculus.

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