6912, Cubical World

Class: Physical, Hub
Form: Hollow Space
Boundaries: Fenced, Endless
Interfaces: Permanent with Substrata, Inconstant with 1-0, Duobii and several other realms
Environment: Normal
Axioms: Biology 4, Magic 4, Pseudoscience 4, Technology 4, Psionics 4, Shamanism 4, Divine Power 4
Dimensions: 4 Space, 1 Time
Size: 22

The 44 homeworld, or at least the one they currently occupy. 6912 is a immense cube composed of cubical rooms, 1296 along each side, adding up to about two billion rooms. The same rooms are set on a four-dimensional tesseract, 216 rooms a side. (Yes, the place is both a cube and a hypercube. It makes sense to the 44.) The rooms are all numbered (In 44's octal notation), and are usually connected by square windows on the center of each wall. As a general rule, the numbers decrease as one goes towards the center, but the exceptions are numerous. Security systems increase in number towards the core, scanning for magic, heat sources and a dozen other ways of measuring life and more than a thousand ways to eliminate it.

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