Arbustus, Green World

Class: Physical
Form: Planetary System
Boundaries: Self-Contained, Endless
Interfaces: Permanent with Substrata, Mondo
Environment: Normal
Axioms: Biology 6, Magic 2, Pseudoscience 2, Technology 1, Psionics 2
Dimensions: 3 Space, 1 Time
Size: 30/inf

Arbustus is a group of more than a hundred planets, joined and entwined to each other by giant chains of mountains and plant life in a ring that circles a dark red star. Legend claims its creation was due to a genetical amusement park gone horribly wrong, or perhaps the coalescing of a really great quantity of fertilizer.

Arbustus is populated by all kinds of beasts and Beast-People. From cute cat-eared girls that go 'wai' to reptilian semi-humanoid monsters that tear the heads off the aforementioned girls, everything can be found here.

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