Archaea (Pronounced 'Arkeah') are the sentient descendants of the slimes, goops, jellies and puddings that inhabit most low-tech magical worlds. The average Archaea is 200 kilograms of protoplasmic substance, enclosed within a soft rubbery semi-permeable skin. Archaea come in more than a hundred varieties, varying in color and size and organelles that work as their vitals. They communicate through series of 'brll blr' noises made with extrusions from their body. Archaea perceive the world around them via a very complex and slightly silly method of detecting air vibrations and heat variations.

Archaea take almost no damage from crushing weapons, and can close wounds from cutting and piercing ones, though these may hit their organelles. They eat any organic substance and most non-organic ones, dissolving them with their strong digestive acids. Archaea are vulnerable to salt water and don't like sand a lot either.

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