Bio Booths

Bio Booths are automatic medical devices that perform a variety of biological repairs in adventures where the GM doesn’t want to deal with clerics or hospitals or such. They all work with the principle of shoving things in them, inserting money and pressing the button.

Axiom: Technology 6, Magitech 6 or Biology 6

Resurrection Booth

For millenia only deities and clerics could ressurrect people, and they were awfully picky about doing it. Something about the normal cycle of life. Fortunately, the Plutocracy has no ethical problem with bringing people back from the dead (Actually, the Plutocracy has no ethical problem with anything)

This is an metal cabin the size of a phone booth, completely enclosed save for air vents near its top. An ankh is etched on each wall. The Booth is amazingly simple to use: Put the dead body in the booth, close it, insert the required amount of money in the coin slot (or pass your credit card) and the body is ressurrected faster than you can say “Are you sure of this?” Only requirements are that the corpse has enough organs to restart normal working, and that it has been dead for less than 24 hours. Ressurrection Booths are available in all inter-realm trade centers in the Centroid that support the technology, within a large range of prices. Rumors abound of side effects caused by repeated ressurrections.

Schroedinger Booth

Schroedinger Booths occasionally develop from buggy Ressurrection Booths. Any creature put in it (alive or dead) is put in a half-alive waveform as long as the booth is closed. Once the booth is re-opened, there is a 50-50 chance the creature will be living or dead.

Regeneration Booth

Regeneration Booths are similar to Ressurrection Booths, except a cross with a coiled snake is etched on the walls, and they work on the living, not the dead. A few coins in the slot will heal any human or near human’s wounds. There are versions for the most proeminent alien races, which will have the effect of a Darwin Booth in normal people.

Darwin Booth

Darwin Booths were one of the fun features of a biological fun park which is now a flaming crater. By inserting 25& in the slot and walking into the booth, any being can be mutated via magic and radiation into something remotely resembling its former self in five minutes. The effects of shoving two beings in the booth at the same time is currently unknown. Darwin Booths can be reprogrammed as Regeneration Booths and vice versa by any skilled technician.

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