(you are educated stupid)

Chronocubists are more or less united around a single belief – That Axioms are not the laws of the realms, but mere constructs that are inflicted on sentient minds through teaching. These axioms are wrong, and the Chronocubist truth is clearly superior. In fact, it is so superior it cannot be clearly described in any known language – mostly, it comes out as insane, disconnected rambling. This poses a problem when Chronocubists try to explain their theories to one another, and specially when their personal views of the True Science are incompatible.

So far, Chronocubist methods have been unable to breach Axiom-based boundaries. However, they’ve become unusually good at discovering said boundaries, and a Chronocubist is a useful companion in an unknown realm when he’s not trying to explain to you how existence actually is a ten-sided dodecahedron and donuts are portals to alternate dimensions. (The latter is only true in special occasions.)

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