Cogs are pale-skinned, emaciated beings, remarkably like Crucian zombies except for the lack of limbs falling off. They make the bulk of the population of Mechwerk.

A Cog always has at least one superior and one underling. These have their own superiors and underlings, and onwards for infinity. This ensures every Cog has someone to complain to and someone to put the blame on. Of course, it also means any single request of the horribly complex Mechwerk bureaucracy could become lost in an endless loop of passing around, never finding its target.

The CeoCog
The CeoCog is an unusually large Cog wearing an expensive suit. He claims to command the entire Cog structure: he certainly has an unusually large number of Cogs as direct underlings, and those that don't report to the CeoCog report to one of his lackeys.

It is unknown whether the CeoCog is an actual Cog or just a fellow with good contacts. If the CeoCog is a standard Cog, he should have a superior, perhaps far away or kidnapped…

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