Most realm have their own specific currencies for trading (such as Ventura’s pieces of eight, Arbustus’ arrowheads or Ataxia’s credits) but only some of them actually matter in inter-realm trades.

Ampersands: Mondo’s unit of credit, abbreviated as &. The ‘coins’ are polyhedral semiprecious and precious stones ranging from 1& to 1000&. Accepted in Mondo and all Centroid inter-realm trade spots, where they can be traded for local currency as well.

Reality Dust: The ashes of dead realms, baked into wafers for convenient trading. Useful material for wizards and scientists.

Superstrings: Harvested directly from Substrata manifields, a fresh superstring can fetch a good price in Mondo markets. Used in Verseship drives.

Megacredits: A coin of some unknown but rather dense light blue stone, about two meters in diameter. Often found in ruins and other abandoned areas. Worth a lot of money (upwards of 10k&), but tremendously difficult to carry and conceal.

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