Crux, Grim World

Class: Physical
Form: Plane
Boundaries: Self-Contained, Layered, Eternal
Interfaces: Permanent with Substrata, Mondo, layers
Environment: Normal
Axioms: Technology 4, Biology 4, Sorcery 3, Magitech 2, Shamanism 3, Psionics 3, Pseudoscience 1, Divine 2
Dimensions: 3 Space, 1 Time, layers
Size: 20

Crux is a land of continuous night and mystery, where every single human being is secretly (or less secretly) some sort of supernatural creature. Most of the people are simple zombies, droning their way around life, controlled by the powerful vampires and ocasionally slaughtered by the raging shapeshifters.

Crux, as far as anyone can notice, a constellation of cities scattered randomly across the land, with roads connecting these cities to each other. The outdoors that these roads cross is a dark, creepy, nightmarish landscape, that tends to change depending on the direction you’re traveling. The few that returned from exploration of these shadow offroad areas give varied reports, at least in the volume and pitch of the screams.

Even more strangely, some of these roads are cut by a river, sometimes a few meters wide, sometimes several kilometers in width. The river crosses roads or not at absolute random, in total disregard of adjacency or physics. One can sail down this river to get to other roads, but one never knows where one’ll end.

Crux’s cities are as varied as the fluids one can spill. Some are great gothic affairs, others are cold concrete slabs where millions of automobiles are made yearly. The populace varies as well, from cold and aloof to outright murderous of anything that wanders the streets. It is always full moon. Walk lightly, and carefully.

Common missions to Crux include political coups, the acquiring or delivery of magical items, escort of cargo (living or not) between cities, and perimeter defense against angry zombies or shapeshifters.

Layer: Twilight
Crux is surrounded by the Twilight in the fourth dimension. The Twilight is a hazy, black-and-white replica of the realm, where all sorts of bizarre creatures deemed far too creepy even to Crux life. This layer has an interface with the Outside of the Centroid, and sometimes the wrong thing comes through.

The area of Twilight that meets Outsider terrain is called The Midnight by the Crucians, and incoherent streams of syllabes by the ones that actually saw it up close. You certainly do not want to go there.

Layer: Dusk
The land of the dead, Dusk is a gray wasteland with a few dead trees and gloomy beaches. Everyone who dies in Crux is transported here. A few gather the willpower to come back to haunt the living, but most just settle down to reminisce the good old days.

Layer: Aurora
The land of dreams is another copy of Crux, but here everything is really bright and colorful. Creatures that exist in Crux only as legends, like dragons and unicorns, have form here.

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