Demonoids, while a generic term for 'demon-shaped creature', most often refers to the viroid breed of beasts that attach to the afterlife of certain realms. They feed on the pain of non-incarnate souls, mostly of those with weak wills and poor sense of ethics, whose their spiritual enzymes are particularly suited to.

Demonoids come in two main models: Temptors and Punishers. Basically, Temptors handle the logistics of the damning business, while Punishers handle the post-damnation effects.

Temptors, or 'devils', are, each in its own field, experts in destroying whatever moral code a person has. Common models are the Capitalist Pig (appeals to greed), Evil Businessman Made Of Butter (appeals to betrayal) and Succubus (VERY common: appeals to gonads), to name a few. They are great with disguises.

Punishers, or 'demons' in low parlance, are in charge of deliverance of pain, whether the emotional pain of knowing something big is going to hurt you or the physical pain of having something big hurting you.

The easiest way to get protection against Demonoids is to get some contract with a deity or similar, who'll arrange for proper disposal of your spiritual self. Knowing this, many high-level devils disguise themselves as deities. The fact some gods claim all other gods are actually demons is not of great help.

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