Divine Power

Divine Power represents the connection of the realm with divine entities, as well as access to afterlife realms. A realm with Divine Power doesn’t let spirits into other planes – everything stays and is processed right there. Maybe it’s reincarnated, maybe it’s spread into the winds, maybe it’s stuck there, unable to communicate. Fun.

0 Nietzschean No communication with deities possible
1 Stigmata Subtle signs and rumored manifestations only: Images in food items, crying statues, etc.
2 Marian Signs only to select people: Servants receive minor powers
3 Old Testament The occasional column of fire and rain of blood: Servants receive diminished powers
4 Populous Displays of divine power are commonplace, deities can send objects and envoys to the world: Servants receive normal powers
5 Grecian Deities can manifest in avatar forms
6 Primordial Deities can walk in the plane in their true forms
7 Olympus The very home of the gods
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