Huge, scaly, winged monsters. Dragons are pedantic lizardoids that love money, food and burying their claws on living things.

Dragons are divided in hundreds of breeds, identifiable by color, crest shape, horn disposition and others. Each breed of dragons has a different breath weapon and scope of abilities. Blue Doublefin Dragons only breath a gush of cold water, while Crested Purple Dragons breathe radioactive fire. Orange-Chested Dragons can cast magics like the best of human wizards, but Gray Armored Dragons have trouble lighting matches. Dragon identifying is a prized skill for adventuring parties.

Dragon’s hearts are gem-like objects, the size of a barrel when extracted from a full-grown dragon. They’re powerful magical energy converters, and can be used as generators for massive systems: However, the heart must be kept magically alive to work, and heavy attacks or high air humidity might cause them to explode.

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