Dwarves come from humans who lived underground for countless generations due to a quarters assignment error. Over the centuries they became stronger, shorter, and uglier. Dwarves aren’t very good spellcasters, preferring to rely on their own personal strength and a good pickaxe. Dwarves like fortresses and kittens.

Dwarves are short and wide. The average Dwarf weighs twice as much as a below average Dwarf. The male Dwarf has a bushy, long beard. Since the female Dwarf has it too, don’t sex a dwarf by the beard. A normal member of the Dwarf race grows their beard before learning to walk.

Dwarf-Elf half-breeds are called ‘Dwelves’ or ‘Alfs’, depending on how drunk the interlocutor is. They look like taller Dwarves without beards, which is, of course, an aberration by Dwarf standards.

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