(maybe i'm a lion)

The Dysmorphists are a loosely-connected group of people that aren't quite happy with the body they were given by whatever deity gives off bodies. Some of them feel they're truly lions or dragons or rhinoceri inside, some of them want to be bigger and burlier or hotter and sexier, some just want to shock their parents.

The lower tier of Dysmorphists is formed by the definites, who have a single body shape as a goal and damn the rest of the community once they get it. Some of them, upon achieving their dreams of having a head the size of a building, realize it ain't all cracked up to be and come back to join the fluxers, who experiment with their bodies endlessly on hopes of achieving something or just because they really enjoy waking up with a random number of limbs every morning. The top tier of Dysmorphists are the shapers, the ones that hold much of the body-shifting machinery, magic, drugs and expertise everyone else in the group wants.


Dysmorphists are very common in Arbustus, where they try to fit in with the Beast-People without being eaten, and Ataxia, where they get various dangerous hardware attached to their frame.

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