Elves were either (according to them) around before the dawn or time, or (according to others) born from human exposition to highly magical areas that weren’t properly fenced. The energy increased their unity with Nature and all that, improving their magical powers and making all of them, basically, hippies. Elves like flowers and butterflies.

Elves are tall, wiry, and easy to break. They tend to take after their place of origin in appearance and skills: Tree elves are good climbers, Sea elves can breathe underwater, and Mud Elves… well, they just wallow there. All elves are convinced everyone else should be as close to nature as they are, which drives all non-elves nuts.

Elves are one of the most annoying races on the entire Centroid, due to their longevity, ego and lack of body hair. The only reason the other races haven’t eradicated the elven race from the ‘verse is because the elven race is the single known provider for female elves, which are highly appreciated by all the other races.

Elves are attuned to the environment they were born in, and receive abilities correlated to that environment. If left in an area for too long, Elves slowly re-attune themselves, until that region is as good as native.

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