The ambassadors to each Centroid realm in Mondo are the most visibly powerful people in Mondo and possibly in the whole Centroid. Through their hands pass all trade and war agreements, demands, bribes and general realpolitik. While the Envoys are presumed to be available on-call, the monthly Gatherings are where most of the announcements and dramatic declarations take place.

Senatus Rex, Envoy to Arbustus

Senatus Rex (The most fearsome of all diplomatic dinosaurs) is a full-grown (even 150%-grown) Tyranosaurus rex. He wears dark business suits and carries a T-rex-sized briefcase.
S-Rex is remarkably cool-headed and sensible, except when riled up. Then he tries to eat the riler.

Queen Rainbow Moonstar, Envoy to Sirrus

Queen Rainbow Moonstar is a female elf that seems to be twelve years old. Obviously, she's wise beyond her years. She wears a pendant around her neck that prevents all impure thoughts within line of sight - which ennervates her fellow Envoy Lyonnais to no end. She is soft-spoken to the point other people must lean to hear her talk.
Queen Moonstar is the ruler of the elven forest settlements in Sirrus. She is heroically pro-nature, adamantly anti-war, and insufferably long-winded about both points.

Baron Voldor, Envoy to Ventura

Baron Heinrich Voldor is a gigantic bearded man that's the right-hand man of at least three Ventura factions. He speaks loudly and proudly.
Baron Voldor is a staunch supporter of weapons, wars, and anything that might involve any of the two. If it might turn him (oh, and his realm) a profit, then he's doubly in favor.

Prince Lyonnais, Envoy to Crux

Prince Marguerite D' Lyonnais is a female vampire on her apparent early twenties and actual late eight-hundreds. She is pale, curvy, and dressed in the height of goth-punk fashion. She speaks like Bela Lugosi would if he were Greta Garbo.
Prince Lyonnais loves, from more to less, debauchery, protocol and bureaucracy. She is anti-war, unless there has been a serious breach of etiquette.

Daughter M42, Envoy to Ataxia

Daughter M42 is a cyborg under direct control of Mother Brain. She looks like an adult, naked, silver, non-anatomically-accurate woman. She talks with an eerie echoey voice vaguely reminiscent of homicidal spaceship computer systems. Can turn into a giant robot if threatened or in order to attract mates.

Gabreel Wstfgl, Envoy to Kosmos

Gabreel Wstfgl is a humanoid android. He looks like a regular person that happens to have a huge red searchlight for a head. He talks like a very old and very loud intercom system.

Envoy to Mondo

A figurehead in more than one way. In fact, the envoy to Mondo is grabbed from the street at random, a few moments before a Gathering starts.

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