Gnomes are halfway between a short dwarf and a tall human, or vice versa. Gnomes of either sex may have a beard or not, as well as several other subsets of body hair. Gnomes are related to dwarves and can interbreed, with half-breeds taking after either species.

Gnomes are average spellcasters, but good engineers: In high-tech areas, they can easily create any number of wonderful things the other races have absolutely no chance to fathom. In low-tech areas, they are walking disasters, because nobody is able to keep a Gnome from working on or trying to improve machines.

Gnomes have a type of technology aura around them: They are capable of creating devices that largely surpass the tech level of the realm they’re on. Unfortunately, their devices, who aren’t particularly stable to start with, become dangerously unpredictable when used on this way: Several months of reengineering and testing might solve the problems, but no Gnome worth the capital G would do that when there are new problems needing their attention.

Raise the Technology axiom by 1 when in line of sight of one or more Gnomes, or by 2 in line of sight of a hundred or more Gnomes.

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