The possibility of magical-like effects to be repeatable and woven into artifacts. Lower levels only let magic be released without little control (Wild sorcery); with higher levels, stabler and more mass scale effects can be achieved.

0 Wild No form of patterned magic possible
1 Feng Shui Ley lines and similar mana manipulation; Minor ritual rote magic
2 Wiccan Ritualistic rote magic
3 Dungeon Instant rote magic: Mass crafting of minor magical items
4 Loom Minor constant environmental control (Magic lights in streets, auto-irrigating farmland, teleport-proof areas, etc)
5 Technomancy Mass crafting of major magical items
6 Spelljamming Major constant environmental control (Terraforming deserts, magic telephone-like systems in cities)
7 Paradigm Mass crafting of artifact-level items, any form of environmental control (Terraforming planets, total mindlinks in cities)
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