Metaphysical Realms

Metaphorical realms seem to bud off the collective unconscious of sentient races. They're designed in order to push some point very thoroughly and, most of the time, somewhat bluntly.

A small sample of Metaphorical realms:

  • The realm comprises a single room. On one wall, a locked door with 'Understanding' written on it. On the ground, a key with the inscription 'Wisdom'. There are dozens of realms like these, with different names on the door and the key.
  • A series of rooms. Each room has a plaque with a question of an ethical nature ('Would you kill your neighbor for a bar of gold?', for example) and two doors, labeled 'YES' and 'NO'. The questions are structured in such a way as to catch the person moving around in a contradiction. And then the hurting begins.
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