Monadic Realms are homogeneous shards of reality, completely composed of a single material or concept except for invaders keen on looting.

Diadic Realms are made of both a component and its opposite, coexisting together in eternal conflict in a space too small for both of them. They tend to be highly chaotic realms.

Monads and Diads are the atomic components of realms: Where they intersect, new realms form, made of their combined features. In addition, there is only one Monad of a particular element - Monads are manifestations, rather than places - so every realm that contains that element will touch the Monad.

In theory, for example, one could pick the 'thread' of the Gravity Monad and follow it through Exa-space to every realm with gravity, but the journey could take eons, and pass through places one would rather not pass through.

Monadic Elemental Realms

Air, Water, Earth, Fire Monads

The 'Classical' Elemental Monads. Endless air and rolling clouds, crystal clear water, dirt and stone, and blinding flames, respectively. Little is left that can be said about these realms: they're heavily populated, with constant migration to and from heavily-magical Medieval realms. One can always find a place that hasn't been mined and polluted to nonexistence, but be ready to work for it.

Metal Monad

Not as known as its four cousins but pretty famous on eastern areas. Basically like Earth Monad in terms of how much stuff you'll trip on, but shinier and harder. Be careful of jagged edges and take your tetanus shots.

Wood Monad

A weird realm composed of plant life - no shrubs or similar, though; It's a monkey-bar maze of gigantic trees of all types, rooted on and feeding off each other. The air is full of leaves, falling endlessly. Gigantic termites and woodpeckers live here.

Void Monad

The Nothing Monad is the emptiest thing to have ever existed: Like a black hole but without the gravity. It's devoid of things down to the conceptual level: be very careful not to have your cultural archetypes or global unconscious ripped out of you in here.

Expeditious explorers might want to try mining some 'dark matter' out of the realm. Dark matter is weightless, colorless and tasteless, and generally inert in every way. It's employed on Inexistent Industry and bizarre wizard projects, as well as an useful loophole to defeat creatures that 'nothing can defeat'.

Monadic & Diadic Force Realms

Movement Monad

The Movement Monad embodies the very essence of movement. Everything is at constant motion here, whether linear, circular, accelerated or otherwise. The realm resembles a cross between a pinball machine and some Rube Goldberg contraption.

Time Monad

The Time Monad is the Movement Monad with less heavy impacts and more paradoxes. Time flows in all directions here. Careful not to get stuck in a bubble of microtime, which will only release you a billion years from now.

Potential Monad

The Potential Monad, on the other hand, is still and quiescent. Careful not to touch things: Some of them are carefully balanced, and will set off chain reactions of rolling and explosions you don't want to be around.

Probability Monad

Paradox Monad

Gravity Monad

The thread that unifies all realms where objects attract each other merely by existing. This is a very cramped realm; everything gets very close together. Bring some powerful drill equipment and watch out for neutronium pockets.

Inertia Monad

Friction is a legend here. Everything is in constant linear movement, or perfectly still. Things casually crash through each other rather than bouncing. Wear a helmet.

Monadic & Diadic Metaphysical Realms

Memory Monad

Perception Monad

Idea Monad

Dream Monad

Life Monad

Death Monad

War Monad

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