Mondo, Curled World

Class: Physical, Hub
Form: Plane
Boundaries: Self-Contained, Endless
Interfaces: Permanent with Substrata, Arbustus, Sirrus, Ventura, Crux, Ataxia, Kosmos
Environment: Normal
Axioms: Biology 4, Magic 4, Pseudoscience 4, Technology 4, Psionics 4
Dimensions: 3 Space, 1 Time, 2 BG
Size: 12

Mondo stands for ‘The Land In the Middle Of Everywhere’ in the language of the ancient Nebulites, whose preferred pastime was to make up words for every single concept they could think of. Since millenia untold, Mondo has become the main hub of activity of the known Ubiverse, which, of course, isn’t a grain of dust compared to the unknown Ubiverse. But I digress.

Mondo is a three-dimensional landscape bent in five-dimensional space. To understand this, picture a Moebius strip, a two-dim space bent in a three-dim space, and a Klein bottle, a two-dim space bent in a four-dim space. It doesn’t help, but don’t you feel better picturing things you can actually comprehend?
On the other hand, you can think of Mondo as several regular three-dimensional landscapes (such as one might see on photographs or on a trip abroad), crumpled over and around each other while still keeping most of their compass directions intact. The pathways are a bit confusing, but you can always walk from one Wrinkle to another: Wrinkles are the neighborhoods of Mondo, each more or less independent boroughs with their own supermarkets and pharmacies and whatever it is boroughs have.

Most of Mondo has normal physics: Gravity pointing towards the ground, an artificial sky (Tastefully painted with an artistic representation of hyperdimensional constellations and nebula) above. Most of it. Some has the floor at a 45-degree slope, or curled around in a pipe you can walk the inside of. Some would give MC Escher (the most popular rapping topologist in history) nightmares.

Mondo’s architecture is a time barf. Constructions of every age and size are built beside each other and violating every form of zoning law. Pyramids are built beside trailer parks, arcologies on mall parking lots, little huts on the tip-top of world trees. You can live on Mondo for centuries and never see a tenth of it, or indeed want to.

Amidst its buildings Mondo holds the greatest wonders the Ubiverse has known. Hotels with an infinite number of rooms, libraries that hold every book that can be written, restaurants that will serve any or every kind of edible and non-edible item for a reasonable price.

Mondo is the pinnacle of civilization, the city to swallow all cities. It’s bloated, dysfunctional, chaotic and decadent. Makes one want to sing and dance down the rainy streets, really.


Once upon a time, there were six realms in war. This war lasted for so long none of the realms could remember its beginning, and the realms decided to enter a pact of not actively trying to destroy each other at all times. As an assurance of the pact, a realm was created as neutral ground between the others. The now-vanished Omnitopia contributed a true realm-seed, and the other realms grew and populated it.


There once used to be benevolent and terrible leaders in Mondo, but no longer. The place can be best defined as ‘capitalist anarchy’, which doesn’t mean it lacks authorities: it has many of them, practically one per city block. Factions and groups are constantly forming, warring, reforming and deforming. In addition, real estate economics in Mondo oscillate wildly from block to block and from day to day, making the urban landscape ever-changing and ever-fresh; what was a Plutocracy stock market one week can be a Divine church the next week, and an Aquarian pad the next. Some times, keeping the same decoration throughout.
The only beings that hold some permanent political clout in Mondo are the Envoys from each Centroid realm.

These diplomats meet frequently in the former Deathfire Battle Dome (now a public hall) to discuss trading agreements, cooperative efforts and general dirt-flinging. To please or annoy them is to please or annoy a whole realm, and the number of people are willing to take those chances is kept low by careful culling.

If there are true rulers to Mondo, they don’t want to be known. They hide in the shadows, and they plan, and they manipulate. To what end they would do so, nobody knows.

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