(nothing really matters, anyone can see)

The Nihilists don't believe in anything, though you wouldn't know that from their meetings. They can be some of the loudest debaters of the Ubiverse, accusing each other of caring more than them and threatening to throw the fight first. A Nihilist will often join adventuring groups just to have someone to listen to them, and to have the joy of telling "I told you so" when something doesn't work. Somehow, this fails to attract more people to their point of view, but they expected that too.

The tenets of the Nihilists are more or less: 1) nothing matters, 2) everything fails, 3) so whatever. If that sounds like it'd allow pretty much any line of action to you, it's because it does - most Nihilists just follow whatever they were doing anyway, though they might try to not care about the results.


Nihilists are very common in Crux and kind of common in most realms. Most sophont species have members in the Nihilists - even deities, disturbingly enough.

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