Omnitopia, Vanished World

Omnitopia was the sixth realm that founded the Centroid, and according to history (history, remember, is often baloney) the most important in the creation of Mondo. It was a paradisiac realm: Its inhabitants had discovered every technology and science worth discovering, and used all of it, mostly, for their own pleasure. Helping to craft Mondo was their first act of cooperation towards any other civilization in known history, and so far their last, for shortly later all portals leading to Omnitopia ceased working.

On these days, few know exactly what was Omnitopia like. Some sustain it was to Kosmos what Kosmos is to an anthill: An immense, sprawling conglomerate of stars and planets, inhabited by no creature other than those from the Omnitopians' home planet - which would explain their immense quantity of raw materials. Some say their realm was a crumpled mass of dimensions, a superset of what Mondo is, and Mondo simply was cut off from there. And some sustain it looks like one of the known realms, because it is one of those realms. All these people argue endlessly about it, and all the others are left in confusion.

Several Omnitopia portals still exist, although you'd be a fool to try them. Most just send you to the same realm you started from, with several translation errors added. A few lead… somewhere; Nobody ever came back to report.

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