Planetoids are sentient spheres of stone from the realm of Onno, which range from a couple of foot to several miles in diameter. Planetoids have a innate ability to manipulate their own gravitational attraction: they use this to move, manipulate and carry objects around (A Planetoid's personal items often are seen orbiting it), sense the world around them and even to communicate.

Planetoids 'see' by detecting the gravity of nearby masses - thus, while they can't see far, they can see through objects, and heavier objects are easier to see. Realms with subjective gravity confuse them much like a fog would confuse a normal human, and they're virtually blind in gravityless realms.

As a Planetoid grows older and/or more battle scarred, its outer surface begins to erode, forming dirt. Plants might root themselves on the dirt, then animals, and eventually, a Planetoid might grow its very own ecosystem, which could be used to defend itself.

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