The Plutocracy

(money makes the world go round)

The Plutocracy was created when the first realm reached out to another realm in the void and asked, ‘Could I interest you in this fantastic vacuum cleaner?’ It had a noble promise and a shining future, neither of which any living person or similar can remember. A good thing too, since its current state would make any of its founders cringe.

The Plutocracy is a huge conglomerate of businessmen, politicians, venture capitalists, journalists, tradesmen, thieves and a breed of man-sized sentient leeches set on an immense web of contacts, trading routes and hierarchies. All with a single purpose: to earn as much money in as short a period of time as possible. Everyone in the Plutocracy is out to get lucky, and now.

The main stock of the Plutocracy is trade. Money local to a realm is usually worthless to another, but the Plutocrats have set up an inter-realm credit system that facilitates exchanges and brings untold amounts of wealth to them. Anything is worth money to the Plutocrats, and since money is their goal, every Plutocrat has their fingers in ten thousand cakes at any given time.

Next to trade, their favorite pastime is bureaucracy: The Plutocracy is expert at having local laws reshaped to fit their purposes. The Plutocracy’s relationship with law is, in fact, an odd one: They do not like meddling with ‘hard’ crimes, such as theft or murder, are ambivalent regarding ‘white-collar’ crimes and don’t see anything wrong with political games, even if such games cost millions of lives. Basically, the more impersonal and number-crunching a crime is, the more likely the Plutocrats are to employ it.

The worst enemy of the Plutocracy is itself: Every member of it wants more money for themselves and couldn’t care less for the others if they’re not potential income improvers. The most common result of a multiple-member Plutocracy plot is that the individuals start squabbling over the resource and end up destroying it on their fight. Whether the resource is an expensive carpet or a whole realm doesn’t matter.

Their second worst enemy is quality. Plutocrats pay managers and consultants very well, and base workers very unwell. This results in subpar products they try to push into the populace anyway, which can have deleterious efforts when they’re run out of the realm with pitchforks and torches. And so the beautiful circle of life begins again.


The Plutocrats are present in 99% of the realms with a semblance of humanoid society. If there’s stuff around, the P-crats buy: If there isn’t, the P-crats sell. Their presence can easily be identified by tacky, flashy architecture and inane marketing slogans in the wind.

They also control many minor realms, having bought them from their earlier rulers. Most of them become malls or casinos. Their greatest dream is to control Mondo, and they will do that… as soon as they figure the strategy that will guarantee the largest profit for everyone involved.

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