Sirrus, Magical World

Class: Physical
Form: Plane
Boundaries: Self-Contained, Eternal
Interfaces: Permanent with Substrata, Mondo
Environment: Normal
Axioms: Technology 2, Biology 4, Sorcery 5, Magitech 3, Shamanism 2, Psionics 2
Dimensions: 3 Space, 1 Time
Size: 20

Sirrus is a stereotypical medieval realm. Flat as far as the eye can see, huge hole in the center, endless ocean surrounding it (actually it wraps around to the other side just after the horizon). The only unusual feature to the realm to one long-experienced in matters of high fantasy worlds is the gigantic (at least a hundred miles high) sword firmly planted into its very center, like it was waiting for a King Arthur the size of Jupiter.

Sirrus is chock. full. of species. All sorts of bizarre magical beings grace this place, from the off-the-wall chimeras and manticores to freaks like the triclops and the Foulmouthed Drake (who lives on deserts near roads, cussing at caravans that pass by). The sentient fauna equals the strangeness, with the nature-loving Elves ranging from the mystical High Elf to the less mystical Bog Elf, the nature-eroding Dwarves, the nature-not-caring Goblinoids, and so on. These species are often at odds and wars are frequent, yet nobody ever gets extincted.

The architecture of Sirrus is composed by three primary elements: Hut (b/w thatched roof), castle, and dungeon. These features often confuse with each other, as ruins of majestic castles are used as townhouses, castles are built from the aglomeration of villages, and dungeons are dug everywhere. There are so many dungeons in Sirrus the dungeons themselves have smaller dungeons, possibly habitated by mice or hamsters. Oh, that would be so cute.

Common missions to Sirrus include defeating of large beasts, exploration of dungeons, high society shenanigans amidst the many fiefdoms of the realm, retrieval of powerful magical items (which often involves the other aforementioned missions) and defeating of large beasts for their delicious, delicious body parts.

The earth below Sirrus, even the bits not made into dungeons, is a Swiss cheese of ducts of all shapes, some large enough for giant elephants to walk through, others barely enabling a midget worm to pass. The tunnels are full of tunnel-dwelling animals, such as moles and dwarves. These ducts are often used by lazy architects for some quick dungeon work.

Subrealm: Abysm

Abysm is the underground realm that lies right below the center of Sirrus, and it can be explored by navigating the cracks around the plain where the sword pierces the ground. It is a cone of hollow space that opens up as it goes downwards, formed by several slopes inclined on the opposite direction of the cone. The slopes are illuminated by the blade of Sirrus’ giant sword, that reaches from the overworld entrance all the way to the sea several thousand kilometers below.

Abysm is the native land of the Dwarves and Dank Elves, and their sloping civilizations can be found here. Given the natural jankness of the place, it is no wonder there are so many of them up above.

On the very bottom of Abysm, after an uncountable number of layers, lies a quiet, motionless, and cold as death lake. The lake is bottomless, at least as far as people have explored. On its shores the people fallen from the upper layers have built a civilization, one of the combined technologies of all the layers above. So far, convincing the inhabitants of the upper layers to come down and join the fun has been pretty much pointless.

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