Welcome to the Uberverse.

The Super-Hyper-Ultra-Mega-Ubiquiverse, better known as Ubiverse or just ‘verse, is the pinnacle of multiversal generalization. If one considers that the Universe contains our galaxy, and the Multiverse contains the Universe, and the Omniverse contains the Multiverse, and goes on on that line for several hundreds of iterations, one will eventually get to something that’s not even a scintilla of a iota of what the Uberverse contains.

In fact, the Ubiverse contains everything. EVERYTHING. Every single thing a person can imagine is somewhere in the Uberverse. This, of course, implies the Ubiverse contains itself, which is true. It contains infinite itselves, in fact, and all possibilities of those ‘verses and any possible subgroups.

Which, of course, drives most people trying to understand that concept nuts. The only known section of the ‘verse is the Centroid, an irregular 10-dimensional sphere roughly centered on a relatively little trading hub called Mondo. The Ubiverse beyond the frontiers of the Centroid could contain anything from planetoids of pineapple icecream to abysses full of nothing but fanged tentacles, as far as one’s eye could see before it was gouged by said tentacles.

This tends to detain sane people from exploring. Fortunately, insane people are never in short supply, and here and there, civilizations have contacted each other without eating each other’s faces. And some went on to do it again, and again. These people contacted other relatively peaceful nearby realms, which formed the Centroid – a loose conglomerate of interdimensional trading interests, with the newly created Mondo as its hub.

And within the Centroid, tensions constantly run high, as realms of existence fight a cold war of weapons, profits and music contests. It is a world of strife and danger, where only the brave and/or creative survive. It is in this tiny corner of infinity, besieged by danger from at least fifteen corners, that these brave adventurers are cast in mighty quests for justice, wealth, and general shenanigans. Enjoy!

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