Substrata, Supernal World

Class: Physical Hyper-Realm
Form: Empty Space
Boundaries: Boundless, borders the Outside
Interfaces: Permanent with Mondo, countless other realms
Environment: Hostile
Axioms: Technology ?, Biology 4, Sorcery 4, Magitech 4, Shamanism 0, Psionics 0, Pseudoscience 0, Divine Power 2
Dimensions: 10 Space, 1 Time
Size: Infinite

Substrata is the background to all other known realms. Gateways between realms and Realmships go through this realm. It’s very dark (and a bit purple), very vast, and given the rate of finite-to-infinite, very empty. It’s hard to find things in Substrata without maps, so don’t get into your Verseship and into the wild purple yonder without directions.

Substrata’s 10-dimensional space is not healthy to regular 3-dimensional beings. There’s gravity from too many directions. One can’t survive unprotected here: better to use special equipment or protective sorcery, or even better, to be aboard a Verseship while navigating between realms. Things live here, things that one really would rather not meet for a beer.

Substrata time is also known as omega-time (ω-time). All known realms in Substrata are pinned to omega-time progression: No matter what kind of time manipulation one does within a realm, omega-time continues in a straight line. This prevents really insane inter-realm time manipulations players are sure to try.

Realms are visible from Substrata as 2 or 3-dimensional bubbles. Crossing the bubble’s edge places one in the corresponding realm like one had always existed there. The way back might be a bit trickier: folding the regular realmspace into Substrata space can be as simple as crossing a doorway or as difficult as solving a five-square Rubik’s Cube.

The realms pin themselves to Substrata based on their similarities: Similar realms are closer together, different realms are more apart. Monadic and Diadic realms work like gigantic interdimensional clotheslines, tying the realm to one position depending on their properties. It follows that entering a realm alters its properties and thus moves it, but it’s usually an imperceptible movement. Usually.

Substrata borders the Outside at some points. Coincidentally, these points are also avoided by any sane navigators.

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