This is Technology as we understand it: The art of employing the laws of physics and existing resources in our own benefit.

Technology is very dependent on existing infrastructure and physical laws, and gets even more so at higher tech levels. A torch just needs combustion to work, and a simple car will run if the physics are more or less proper, but a cellphone depends on electricity, electromagnetic transmission of information through the air, working transistors, conversion of chemical to electric power, etc. Not to mention it needs a cellphone tower.

0 None No artificial transfer of energy is possible
1 Mechanical Lever, wheel, simple tools, another wheel, bugs
2 Thermal Combustion, fire, steam, forging metal
3 Chemical Gunpowder, acids, bases, fossil fuel
4 Electromagnetic Light, electricity, microchip, fuckin' magnets, lasers
5 Nuclear Atomic bomb, atomic fusion, atomic pencil, relativistic effects
6 Quantum NP-computers, instant transmission, disintegrating beam, matter to energy and back
7 Planck Teleportation, time travel, subtle manipulations of space-time itself
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