Zeitgeists are a strange kind of undead that swarms in realms with more flexible time-travel laws. They could be best described as retroactive undead: they are the phantoms of sentient beings that have ceased to exist because some genius rearranged the timeline in a way such that they were never born.

The spiritual layer of most realms does not quite follow the timeline as is: even if the realm's whole timeline is shifted, the spirits within it linger. Many of those reincarnate as the realm's new denizens (one of the reasons why time travelers are always seeing the same things and people), but a few fall through the gears here and there. These become zeitgeists: Ghostly individuals of the typical wraithly kind, with a touch that ages a human forward into death or backward into squishy noises within seconds.

A zeitgeist's single purpose is to avenge their un-births, and if possible, to destroy their would-be cancellers before they ever tried to do their thing. They do not have special time-traveling capabilities, but do gain an uncanny sense for chronal variations and gates, and can track their victims from era to era with the capabilities and eagerness of a bloodhound in heat.

Zeitgeists are vulnerable to typical spiritual disruption techniques, although you never know whether you might have to fight a future or past version of them later. Lead armor is recommended against their aging touch: it doesn't help, but it does hold you up when your knees give way to sudden onset arthrythis.

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