Tinyworlds are artificial realms, created by very powerful magic or by the horribly complex computers of Transcedental technology. Most are only acessible by mental travel or computer-aided linking, though there are rumors of spells that will make a realm real…

Tinyworlds can have any shape, space orientation, gravity, atmosphere or technology, though beginner Worldsmiths tend to begin with the vanilla spherical earth-water-and-air world, and as such these are more common. They're often inhabited by artificial people, who live their lives according to the immense program that manages the Tinyworld… And sometimes by the programmers themselves, living their lives as deities of their own little corners of reality.

Though only very advanced civilizations can make Tinyworlds en masse, other ones can try. Cyberpunk and Stellar societies can work simpler versions (without niceties like volumetric fog or inhabitants with ethics) and low-tech ones can forge them with magic (though the result may be a very far and very dangerous cry from what was intended).

When the machinery or magery that runs a Tinyworld stops working, two things can happen. Coherent realms with decent internal physics can run free and hook themselves into Substrata. (In fact, a Tinyworld can 'free' itself from its source through various ways, such as proving its own existence by its own rules.) Badly planned realms will fall apart and vanish… or hook into another, inacessible realm out of contact of everything we know. Anyone who is in the realm at the time will find out, at least.

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