Vampires are a form of undead that subsists on living creatures and… actually, that is all that can be said for certain. Vampires are highly trendy creatures that pick up and drop powers and weaknesses as fashion demands. One year sunlight may scorch a vampire until it's nothing but ash, the next it just makes him glint like a disco ball. Sometimes they feed on blood, sometimes they feed on bone marrow, sometimes they feed on some loosely defined "life force", and sometimes they just lick you and make you feel very uncomfortable. What triggers this change process is ill-defined, and vampires will usually make some excuse like "a magical curse" or "cosmic rays from the moon", even if the realm in question has no moon.

Common vampire abilities include great strength, resistance and speed, powers over "creatures of the night" such as wolves, bats, spiders and birds pulling an all-nighter, flying (this one falls out of fashion very often) and psychic powers. Common weaknesses are sunlight, fire, water packaged in some special way, and sharp objects intersecting the vampire's body.

Vampire society is divided in clans, which are basically extended families that don't get along but stick together to hold power over a city or city section. Vampires within clans share the same powers and weakness, if they don't want to be shunned from social events. Clan hierarchy is defined by relations and seniority, and the eldest vampire normally is the clan leader (or matriarch, or patriarch, or prince or princess or king or queen or generalissimo). Vampires are very territorial, and border disputes are full of bloody infighting and tense dinners.

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